A taxi service provider with reliable, convenient and classic service delivery that take you safely from one point to another.

A’Drop is a convenient and safe mobile taxi service provider that provides classy cab services at an affordable price. They operate across major cities in Nigeria.



A safe and affordable means that helps you to move from one location to another conveniently and timely

Control your time and be an independent cab driver while still going about your day-to-day activities and increasing your earnings.


Finding a reliable, convenient and classy cab service at an affordable cost can most times pose a challenge especially when it has to do with trusting ones safety in the hands of an unknown taxi driver.

Also, combining taxi services with other regular jobs with ease while still having time for your personal life is almost unrealistic. So, Solalina wanted us to develop a platform that would meet expectations of the riders while satisfying that of the drivers.


Our team strategists developed an effective and efficient system that enables riders find drivers closer to them who not only provide taxi services but provide a convenient and reliable service in timely and affordable cost.

We created a system that allows drivers work at their pace and time while maximizing every such time and making the best out of it.

“We are more than satisfied with the product Strong Ideas creative team has developed for us”

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