A freelancing platform developed by Strong Ideas that has shaped the dimension of freelancing in Nigeria.

A Freelancing App and website developed to connect genuine and credible job providers or hirers who provide jobs on the platform for skilled and professional freelancers who provides such specialized services swiftly and cost effectively.


Freelance and Hire offers countless opportunities for service and job providers. Services providers will have the privilege to list their skills, experience and work done in the past, get rated and can be featured on the website as top freelancers.


Our clients wanted a platform that where they can get the services of skilled and professional digital service providers and artisans who can provide effective and efficient services to them at affordable prices and irrespective of their location.

Strong Ideas was saddled with the responsibility to develop a system and a platform to tackle and render a solution where distance and work space does stand as a barrier to getting work done.


Using global bench mark from leading freelancing websites and apps, our team of creative and strategic professionals brainstormed and developed an effective and efficient system that not only connect freelancers with job providers but that also ensures that both parties enjoys secure and satisfying outcome.

The system provides a platform where artisans can provide direct services to anyone who seeks any such services.

Freelancers can bid for jobs discretely, chat with job providers and make payment over a secured payment gateway.

The platform is incorporated with a system that handles disputes if any, thereby making it reliable and safe.

“Strong Ideas' strategic business development team delivered a true world class freelancing platform that was beyond our expectation”

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